TheGlobalPrism is a centrist analytical platform for high-quality, independent and eye-opening global affairs journalism.

Our articles aim to reassert the nuanced analysis of the middle-ground, in an age when political discourse is becoming increasingly binary. We do this by amplifying the voice between the growingly regressive left and right discourses of today’s polarized political debates—challenging their logic in the process.

We believe the analytical process is disparaged  when it begins from an entrenched political alignment. And building a hard-hitting, factual and rigorous journalistic movement is a means to restoring balance to global policy debates and challenging ingrained positions.

Our analysis is based on five key pillars:
(i) The Local context (Geographical, Social, Cultural and Historical)
(ii) The Human Dimension (Macro (national), Meso (group) and Micro (individual) behaviors)
(iii) Multidisciplinary Tools (Economics, Politics, Sociology and Psychology)
(iv) Voices ( Narratives, Identities and Norms)
(v) The Global Context (Significance, Relevance and Implications)

Tej Parikh is a global policy journalist and analyst. He has a master’s degree from Yale University, with  a research specialism in statebuilding, ethnic politics and conflict. His editorials, reports and analysis deliver insights into global politics, foreign policy, international development and social issues, and seek to connect grass-root reporting and travel,  with global perspectives.

His articles have appeared in the Guardian, The Diplomat, The Cambodia Daily, Reuters, Global Politics magazine, the Jerusalem Post and the Irish Examiner. He is also a blog contributor to The Huffington Post and Beyond Violence.

We are seeking (i) Social Media Manager (ii) Web Designer —both with board responsibilities—and (iii) Article Contributions. All opportunities are currently on a voluntary basis.

Submission Guidelines
We accept analytical, opinion and feature articles on pertinent global affairs issues, providing they are in line with our editorial guidelines outlined in our mission.

For commissioning, submitting articles and comments please get in contact via the form below.


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